17.11.20 12:48 PM By Resolve Cleaning

Particularly since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have come to realise that outsourcing professional cleaning services on a contractual basis simply makes sense.

They save time and money from a staffing point of view by offering a far more professional and thorough cleaning service without the headaches of training and managing staff to do it.

If you have decided to hire a professional cleaning service and are still wondering who to choose, then here are 4 essential attributes all professional cleaners should possess. You could say they are the cornerstones of a truly great cleaning service…


All businesses are different and so are their cleaning requirements. This means that one of the first things you should look for in a professional cleaning service is whether they are flexible in three respects…

Hours – Will they be happy to fit in with the hours that you need them to be there to clean without disrupting your business – which is usually after normal office hours? This is another reason permanent staff are more difficult to hire for this purpose.

Contracts – A contract gives you the advantage of knowing what your budget will be in advance without price increases, but does the cleaning company offer you the flexibility to change the contract if circumstances change? This is important.

Service options – Do they have a flexible service offering, which shows they are skilled at your specific requirements? No point in hiring people who only know how to clean homes when you have a requirement to do office cleaning. They are quite different.


As a professional business yourself, or even as a homeowner, you want to know that any professional cleaning company you engage is managed professionally. They should have an on-site management policy. To ensure smooth operations, Cleaning Officers should report to a Supervising Officer on the floor.

Good cleaning services should adopt, implement and maintain a Quality Management System, which is aligned to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.


The Cleaning service should exhibit a passion for what they do and this is seen through thorough workmanship and a general attitude towards their customers and their colleagues.

Cleaning Officers should be competent and skilled, so really good cleaning services believe in empowering and uplifting their people through training. This builds their sense of self-esteem and ownership. The passion for cleaning should also extend to a passion for ‘greening!’ Make sure your cleaning service are using biodegradable chemicals and a green, waterless system to clean carpets and foam upholstery.


This commitment should be for the cleaning service to conduct themselves in such a way that it is clear that they wish to build long term relationships with their clients. It is however twofold and the commitment of their staff to their own company will be reflected in the service they provide.

At Resolve Cleaning, our staff is proud to be associated with the Resolve Cleaning brand. With each additional contract we gain, we promote from within our company. All our Cleaning Officers have the opportunity to grow and new staff members can acquaint themselves with our standards and ethics.

We embrace and practice these 4 essential attributes all professional cleaners should possess every day. 

Contact us to discuss your specific cleaning requirements and find out for yourself that we provide a comprehensive service offering, exclusive products, excellent service and competitive pricing for every client – every time!

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