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This is a series on how and why it is far better to use professional cleaners to execute certain types of requirements. We touched on cleaning workspaces in our last article and this one is on the professional cleaning of carpets – better known as ‘Dry carpet cleaning.’

If you have missed any of these articles they are all available on our website – NEWS | Resolve Cleaning Services


So why should one use professional cleaners to have carpets ‘dry cleaned’ regularly? Well, there are several reasons…

Make a good impression – One can see the difference with carpets that have been professionally deep cleaned. Great looking carpets that smell good too leave a good impression with others whether it is in business or in the home.

Convenience – If you would like your carpets professionally cleaned but can’t afford the downtime for them to dry, we dry clean carpets, so they are usable the minute we are done! We can also clean delicate carpets without damaging them.

For health reasons – Dirty carpets can be a breeding ground for dust mites, allergens and other microscopic pollutants which may lead to respiratory ailments and allergies. Our cleaning system can reduce dust mites by 78%, dust mite allergens by 75%, cat allergens by 85% and mould spores by 85%.

Prolong carpet lifespan – The professional dry cleaning of carpets will prolong their lifespan, thereby saving on your investment and future costs.


We always ensure that the process we use to execute any of our services is as hassle-free for our clients as possible. ‘Flexibility’ is our middle name and we fit in with whenever it suits you for us to do the job – especially in the workplace, when only after hours will usually do.

Further to that our process is not dependant on either weather or the seasons – come rain or shine, with our methods your carpets can be cleaned. We offer two types of services – either once-off cleaning – or a Preventative Maintenance Plan where carpets are inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure better hygiene, aesthetics and longevity.


Consistent with our sustainability consciousness, all our products deep clean with no harm to the environment. We use only natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products which are safe for both people and pets.

They are also safe to use on all types of carpets, including sisal, wool and delicate oriental rugs. For those who are water conscious – and who is not these days? – Our methods are totally waterless.

We resolve to do it better!

With more than 11 years’ experience in cleaning carpets, Resolve Cleaning restore and leave carpets hygienically clean and fresh smelling – and remember this is just one of our wide range of expertly executed professional cleaning services.

Contact us to learn more and watch this space for our next article offering advice and information on how and what specialised services professional cleaners can do better!

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