21.01.21 12:26 PM By Resolve Cleaning

We are embarking on a mini-series of how and why professional cleaners effectively clean certain spaces or items and in this article we look at contract cleaning – or the cleaning of workspaces.

Obviously, the cleaning of workspaces involves a fairly broad spectrum but we essentially discuss why professional cleaners need to be hired, our processes and the products used in that specific operation.


The appearance and cleanliness of offices or workspaces should never be compromised. How you appear to your clients and the health and safety of your employees are absolutely essential if you are to operate a successful business and retain staff.

Remember too that, especially in these times, the protection of your employees is not only compulsory but the loss of staff members, even if just to take sick leave can be far more costly than the cost of any professional cleaning service.

The methods used and the products that ensure the cleaning of office spaces and especially ablution areas can only effectively be carried out by professional cleaning services so simply hiring untrained staff just won’t cut it.


We set up a cleaning schedule tailored to your specific requirements whatever they may be – from cleaning ablutions three times a day, checking consumables daily, cleaning carpets quarterly, to doing do biannual cleaning maintenance or full cleaning services for a year.

Skilled, honest, reliable and proactive staff are supervised by Cleaning Officers’ from time to time to ensure the highest standards are always met. A typical example of the thorough process we execute would be our hygiene services – which include:

  • A Sani bin, Seat Sanitizer and Air Freshener service for ablutions to keep bathrooms spotless, hygienic and odour controlled at all times
  • An Ablution ‘deep clean’ which includes the intensive removal of build-ups and bacteria to leave toilet cubicles and bathrooms ultra-sanitised
  • Services even extend to the controlling and eliminating pests including cockroaches, ants, flies, bedbugs, weevils, fleas and rodents.


Consumables include only eco-friendly industrial strength cleaning products and consumable hygiene products for ablutions. These can include specialist detergents, air purifiers and fresheners, toilet paper liquid hand wash and hand drying products, dishwasher tablets, mops, cloths, buckets, brooms, bin liners and refuse bags. Always prepared, we never run out of stock and have a wide range of excellent specialist products from which to choose.


Even the professional cleaning industry is sometimes infiltrated by ‘fly by nights’ so ensure that you choose an experienced, professional, accredited company like Resolve Cleaning. We have been around since 2004 and intend to continue to serve our many loyal customers for many years to come.

Our Quality Management System is aligned with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard. As a result, our working relationships have produced consistently recurring business and much of our growth has been through referrals. 

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